Violent Crimes

Assault – Causing or attempting to cause harm to another person. Attorney Migdal can work your case to look for any claims of self-defense or that a fight was mutual. Assault is known as an “offense of violence” and can keep you from working in certain jobs.
Domestic Violence – Causing or attempting to cause harm to a family or household member. Domestic violence is a serious offense and the consequences can be severe. You could be banned from owning a firearm or even renting in certain properties. A first-offense of domestic violence is a first-degree misdemeanor. Later offenses can be charged as felonies.

Violating a Protection Order – Protection orders include civil or criminal orders to avoid contact with a person named in the order. Violations of a protection order are first-degree misdemeanors, and later offenses can be charged as felonies.

Gun/Weapons Offenses – Whether it’s carrying a concealed weapon or having weapons under disability, Attorney Migdal offers representation for weapons crimes including help keeping your CCW license and fighting for the return of your property.

The Law Office of Benjamin D. Migdal in Akron, Ohio offers full service criminal defense representation for all violent offense charges. Contact our firm today for a free and confidential case assessment.