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Alcohol Offenses – Purchasing or possessing alcohol underage, open container, keeper of the place violations, and public intox charges.

Criminal Damaging – Knowingly or recklessly cause a substantial risk of physical harm to the property of another without consent.

Criminal Mischief – Moving, defacing, damaging, destroying or tampering with the property of another. This offense encompasses many “pranks” such as toilet papering or “egging” a house when the alleged conduct falls short of criminal damaging.

Disorderly Conduct – Often overcharged by overzealous officers, disorderly conduct or “DOC” is broadly defined. There are two types of disorderly conduct.

  • Disorderly Conduct While Intoxicated: A minor misdemeanor that occurs when a person is voluntarily intoxicated and and in public, engages in conduct likely to be offensive or to cause inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm to persons of ordinary sensibilities.
  • Disorderly Conduct by Violent and Turbulent Behavior: A fourth degree misdemeanor that occurs when a person recklessly causes inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm by fighting, making unreasonable noise or offensive and coarse utterances, provoking a violent response, blocking a street, or creating a condition that results in unreasonable physical harm to persons or property.

Theft – Obtaining or exerting control of the property of another without the owner’s consent. Even minor shoplifting of low-value items can land you a theft charge. To add to that, a theft conviction can cost you job opportunities as many employers will conduct background checks.

Misrepresentation of Identification

Obstructing Official Busness


Dog Owner Violations – Dog bite charges, dog-at-large, and registration violations. If you’re pet’s life is in jeopardy as a “vicious” animal, an attorney can represent you (and your pet) at a hearing that determines its fate.

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