Drug Crimes

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When you’re in trouble for possession or sale of illegal substances, it’s important to contact an attorney right away!  A drug conviction can impact your life in severe ways.

While states across the country continue to revise and repeal their marijuana prohibitions,   the substance is still illegal to use, possess, sell, or cultivate in the State of Ohio. Although the Ohio legislature has legalized medical cannabis, the law will remain murky and medical users may still find themselves the subject of a criminal investigation.

Possession of personal amounts of pot is charged as a minor misdemeanor. Larger amounts can increase the degree of penalty. Getting a marijuana-related conviction can cause you to lose your professional license or even your job.

Possession or trafficking in “hard drugs” such as cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine can bring felony charges. In addition, when drugs cross state lines, federal authorities can get involved.

Many drug charges start as investigations based on an informant’s tip. An attorney can investigate the reliability of the informant and move to have evidence kept out if the informant’s integrity is questionable. Searches are another major source of evidence in drug cases. Your attorney can review the circumstances of any search and move to suppress any evidence seized if your rights were violated.

If your drug charges are a result or a substance-abuse disorder, your attorney can work with the prosecution for favorable alternative sentencing, with an emphasis on treatment rather than punishment.

The Law Office of Benjamin D. Migdal in Akron, Ohio offers full service criminal defense representation for all drug charges. Contact Attorney Benjamin Migdal today for a free and confidential case assessment if you are facing a drug charge.